" ... a tasteful, melodic and inventive jazz guitarist ... what they do with folky themes, jazzy chords and a sliver of Bach is a delight ... lush strings ... growling percussive bass ... the nimble dance of the music suits their duet playing perfectly ... time stands still ...  will not disappoint."
Marc Higgins, FATEA

"... an attractive and readily accessible collection of tunes ... precise acoustic guitar picking ... the prospect of a longer release one to look forward to"
Bruce Lindsay, Jazz Journal

" ...there is some truly magical playing here, melodic and beautifully performed."
Tom Hilton, Aldora Britain Records Community

"... a pastoral piece to send you drifting away …"

"... beautiful playing ... a wonderful EP … a piece of gorgeousness …"
Rick Stuart, Roots and Fusion 521


"... utterly captivating ... quite unique ... simply stunning ... surprising album of music that manages to be engaging and quietly virtuosic at the same time ... clear, decisive, resonant and beautifully recorded ... with his guitar and Castlesound’s ambience and you have Scotland’s answer to an enigmatic ECM album."
Marc Higgins, FATEA Magazine

''... evocative sound pictures ...  footsteps on frozen Antarctic snow ....  a palette of tones and colour in the changing light ... Celtic nuances lend warmth ...  'Egdon Heath' .. tones underline ...  its dark, foreboding presence'
David Innes, RNR Magazine

"... Garrett's own pieces are strong and memorable."
fROOTS Magazine

''... your arrangement of Egdon Heath was remarkable" 
Chris Cope, The Holst Society

''... what is delivered is all music reflecting the flexibility and capability of the guitar as an instrument ... professionally delivered by the artist"
Hugh C, BebopSpokenHere

''... behind that cool, clear single-string work and those unaggressively jazzy chords, there’s sensitivity as well as technique, and musicality that goes far beyond easy listening'
David Harley, folking

'...clearly a musician dedicated to virtuosity ... duly, no three minute pop songs here ...  soundtrack for a documentary as yet unwritten'

"... a beautifully rewarding album …"
Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion 538


'... this drew me in helplessly ... it's the intent ... and the mood as well as the sincerity of approach that counts ... well worth discovering' 
Stephen Graham, Marlbank

'... the notes being played hang in the air like butterflies caught on an updraft but whose own elegance and perfect sense of balance allows them to defy being s.wept away'
Ian D. Hall, Liverpool Sound and Vision

'... a challenging set of electric guitar instrumentals ... impressive harmonic sensibilities'
David Innes, R2 Magazine

'.. a collection of beautiful meditations ... takes time over every note and lingers in the deep, dark spaces between them ... conjures many images - empty, broken cathedrals, mist-drenched lochs, darkened cafes on rainy streets'
Adrian J Walker, iTunes

'..managed to transform the disparate starting points into something original ... throw away all preconceptions of jazz guitar indeed discard all preconceptions of anything - pour a glass of mead and enjoy'
Lance Liddle, Bebop Spoken Here